Wednesday, November 20, 2013

#Gratefulness November 10-20

November 10. Grateful for a wonderful afternoon of baking with @noeboe80. Good times and a bounty of pie!! #gratefulness #pie #bakingfiend

November 11. Today I, like all Americans, am feeling grateful for our veterans. In my world John is the number 1 vet! Proud to have him as a brother in law (for as long as I can remember!!) He's retired from the Air Force now, but he is continuing to make us proud working with other vets.

November 12. Today I am grateful for novocain and pain pills to make wisdom tooth removal better. #OnlySlightlySwollen #gratefulness

November 13. Today I am grateful for my love of reading. Now to decide; finish One Second After, start Coreyography, or re-read Catching Fire. I'm in the mood to devour a book. #gratefulness

November 14. I am grateful for familiar, cozy, comfort. Long day, lots of traffic, happy to be home. #gratefulness #lhs

November 15. Grateful for an industrious husband. What, y'all aren't running irrigation to your chickens and rabbits at 10pm on a Friday night? #gratefulness #urbanhomesteading

November 16. Grateful for a morning run/hike with friends. #gratefulness 

November 17. Today I am grateful for a belated birthday dinner for Jacob with Dad & Nell. Always great to have family dinner. #gratefulness  

November 18 & 19. Yesterday I was grateful for my siblings and for the technology that keeps us connected. Four Bowden 'kids' in four different states but through blogs, texts, Instagram, and the simple phone we are able to be connected and see the niece and nephews grow. Today I am grateful for the rain that we are getting - just enough to emphasize the cozy.

Favorite new thing to share: Just in case you havent seen the cuteness that is #TheoandBeau  

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