Saturday, November 16, 2013

Homestead Update

J has been working on a PVC watering system for our chickens and bunnies. I call it irrigation. The goal is that there won't be daily refilling of watering containers, they can't contaminate the water, and for these two full time workers the homestead workload will be lighter every day. The system isn't up and flowing yet - waiting for the PVC cement to cure so we can avoid leaks. 
Last night we were working late to get all the parts in place and attached. 
I spent some of my evening hanging with the bunnies. They were confused by the lights being on so late. 
We call this one Q-Tip. She's tiny and her short curly fur looks just like a soft cottony tip. 
Today I got a group shot of a bunch of the bunnies. 
Also on today's todo list was one of my last harvests before winter. The broccoli and cauliflower were late plants for our garden but I'm excited to have the veggies in our fridge. 
This is one of our young roosters. I think he's so cool with his coloring. 

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Susan Beth said...

Oh, I want to be there with you! Hows the irrigation working? J would love that as he hauls water twice a day for our chickens.