Monday, November 11, 2013


I have a good friend who uses the #bakingfiend tag on many of her instagram pics. She's a super foodie who really loves to bake. I love to bake too and every now and then we manage to get together and share in our baking fun. This time we planned our baking day months in advance. Here's the net of our baking afternoon.

I started my morning by making a triple batch of pie crust, we were a little loose on our exact plan for how many pies or each type we were making. So once I got to Noelle's first thing was to roll out, freeze, pre-bake, etc.

Then it was time for the favorite lemon meringue recipe.  And filling 5 mini crusts and 2 full size pies.


The mini pie was the way to go!

 Next up was Chocolate Coconut Cream, real pudding, toasted coconut, and a meringue topping.
 These are individual pumpkin cheesecakes from Can You Stay For Dinner. Really easy and yummy! Only problem is that they can go down as easily as a cookie.
 The final piece was a dark chocolate pecan pie. Unfortunately I had to head home before it came out of the oven. I'm sure it was delicious though!

 Noelle was taking action shots the whole time, so these pics are all from her.

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