Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Gratefulness: 1st - 9th

There has been a trend on Facebook for a couple of years to share daily bits of thankfulness of gratitude during the month of November, leading up to Thanksgiving. For the first time this year I decided to share in the practice of being grateful.

November 1 ~ Today I am grateful for one of my oldest and bestest friends who celebrates a special day today. Happy Birthday to the one and only Sarah!!! Love you!!!

November 2 ~ Today I am grateful for a backyard full of beautiful and productive chores to take care of. Especially since someone locked me out when he went to get a haircut.

November 3 ~ Today I am grateful for the love of my life! Happy Birthday Jacob!

November 4 ~ Today I am grateful for a day that allowed me to leave work early enough to miss traffic and get some things done around the house without feeling rushed. Grateful for what is going to be a wonderful end to this Monday.

November 5 ~ I am grateful for the partnership that is in our marriage... divide, conquer, work hard... relax together.

November 6 ~ Today I am grateful for the the simple and calming humor that is Sheldon Cooper. 

November 7 ~ As I watched the CMAs I was feeling grateful for my natural love of country music. Thank you to my daddy for sharing the music you loved. Folk, country, gospel. Unlike my sister I was not gifted with vocal abilities, but I was definitely given the love of music. Thank you Daddy!

November 8 ~ I am grateful for the comfort and cozy that is my bed. Even if it gets crowded with the dogs. 

November 9 ~ Today I am grateful for a beautiful fall morning that started with a 9 mile bike ride with the hubs. And I remastered the art if hands free bike riding.


Susan Beth said...

Those photos from you bike ride are stunning! Love the color! Sorry you got locked out. And I notice that you didn't link to me on that musical talent thing, hummm, wondering why!

Elizabeth Loretto said...

On FB you came up in the conversation that followed the gratitude. Daniel denied his abilities and I had to clarify that he is very talented when compared to you and I!