Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday - A New Trend

I said I was going to try and stick with blogging regularly; what better way than themed posts throughout the week...

1. Thanks to my sister for an invitation to a DietBet I have been introduced to POP Pilates (over at Blogilates). I may have found my new workout love!! Upbeat Pilates with Pop music!! I'm all over it, and it'll be nice to my knee. I'll keep you posted with how it goes.

2. My nephew got married today! I am so excited for him and his new bride and their family! Wishing them lots of years of love!

3. One of my new favorite albums is by Lorde, a young woman from New Zealand. She was born when I was in High School, which really just makes me feel old. Something I'm still processing I guess.

4. The baby chicks are just so cute. They pile up on each other to sleep each night, in the egg box portion of the coop. I think its cute that they sleep where they originally arrived; this concept is lost on them. They definitely know how to stick together. Interestingly there are 6 babies from each mama hen and though they have all 12 been together since day 1, they will divide themselves off into sibling groups. I don't know how they know, but they gravitate to each other.

5. Its a 3-Day weekend!! It has been so busy for us lately, full of long days and not enough sleep. I am looking forward to plenty of relaxation and downtime. Hoping to finish my current book, kayaking is planned for Saturday in Moss Landing - Elkhorn Slough, I would love to bike ride a little bit, do my new found love of Pilates, hardcore clean my pantry, and sand/paint the shelves and walls - they don't match the kitchen. We started off with a food truck dinner at Moveable Feast for a friends birthday, which was a great, relaxing, but all to brief way to kick the weekend off.

Off to kick off the weekend with that book I was talking about, enjoy your Friday night and  find some relaxation!

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Have a great weekend!