Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer 2013 Recap

 Well HELLO THERE blog!!! It's been awhile. I have big goals to actually actively blog going forward (heard that one before?). I make no real promises, just putting my intentions out there.

So since I was last here, summer has come and (almost) gone... at least in the everyone is heading back to school sense. We have a growing chicken coop, 16 birds now. J is working hard as always, I changed jobs and am all settled in at the new place now. My knee is still bummed out; can't run longer than 1.5 miles or so - trying to find new training ideas that will help me lose weight (always the goal) and work on the continued rehab of my knee. I would love it if I could accomplish that half marathon goal before 2013 is over, I've eyed the local races through the rest of the year and have a target picked, if I can really start seeing improvement in time to actually train back up to that distance. We've spent time with family, kayaked, seen a couple of great concerts, had some beach days, just generally lived and enjoyed life.

Check back... hopefully I'll follow through and be regular with the blog again. 

Here's the summer in pictures...


A dozen chicks hatched on July 1st.
4th of July on the roof, waiting for the shows to start.
Picked up a new sunshade at the flea market.
We enjoyed some evening bike rides at the lake.
Waiting for Counting Crows at the America's Cup Pavilion
The Bay Lights in San Francisco
Zeus checking on the chicks.
Ms. Molly celebrated her 12th birthday!
A great beach day @ Twin Lakes in Santa Cruz.
Waiting for Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z at Candlestick

The show! First time I had been to CandleStick in about 20 years. I'm glad I went before it's final season.


Kayaking on the SF Bay from Redwood City

Power tower on the Bay.

Awesome shorebirds on the Bay.
Catching up with the rooster!
The 'baby' birds moved to the coop.

One of the many ways that I used our zucchini.
The babies like to snuggle on each other.

Working on my running... took the dogs with me. Let's just call it interesting.
And finally we celebrated our 5th anniversary yesterday!!

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