Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Things other than running

Aren't these pictures cool? We got them a flea market in town; the artist is Octavio Ocampo known for his tricks of the eye.

The one below is a crazy balletic version of the Don Quixote story, which was the February performance for Ballet San Jose. It makes it a nice token of this season.

Have a look at our garden. It is doing so much better than we did last year (aka nothing). I overplanted actually, see the size and closeness of the tomatoes and squash. I'm just going to let it all do its thing and see what we get at this point.

Had to share this funny tidbit... the other night I checked my body bugg numbers on my phone and was a little surprised by what it showed me!

9984 Calories!?!?!?!? Totally not possible! I don't know what it was thinking, but it was accurate when I plugged it into my computer.

Taking it easy these days with my bum knee. Very disappointed to decide that I have to pass on my half marathon in two weeks. After four months of training, I'm going to have to put it off and wait until I have an official prognosis, at which point I will find the next awesome run to set my sights on.

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